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Big Green Apple

Multicoloured handmade tortoise tota bells

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Set of 8 fair trade tortoise tota bells in bright colours. 

There is a long standing tradition in India that tota bells bring good luck and prosperity.

Each string has 8 colourful tortoises, attached together with colourful beads.

Made from using colourful old rags with each tota bell is hand stitched, stuffed and then held together with colourful beads with a brass bell based at the base.

Ideal for room, wall, door and window settings, these fair trade tortoises will certainly add colour to any setting.

Ethically sourced and made in India, these lovely bells are bound to impress and please visitors.

Measuring approximately  3.4 feet from the top to the base of the bell with each snail being approximately 7 cm wide.

Big Green Apple....doing our bit for a more fairer and more sustainable world.

Ethical Presents 

Please note this is not a toy hence not suitable for young children or household pets.

Big Green Apple Ethics

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