Comic Relief, Sir Lenny Henry Bows Out After 39 Years

A huge congratulations to the folks at Comic Relief who managed to raise £38.6 on Friday night.

The night was made more memorable with the sad farewell of host Sir Lenny Henry who decided to take his final bow having hosted the show for an incredible and amazing 39 years. 

On his final curtain Sir Henry said: " It's been incredible. Utterly incredible it is people at home that do this, I am moved and finding it difficult to hold it together so thank you." Daily Mail

Since Comic Relief was first aired way back in 1998 it has now been revealed that they have managed to raise an incredible amount of £1.5 billion for some sobering good causes. 

It just goes to show the true power of "the people" of Britain who over the years have shown incredible generosity and love towards fellow human beings Big Green Apple

But it doesn't just stop there as the figure raised just simply keeps on going up as more donations continue to flood in. To find the latest amount raised or to make a donation please head to Comic Relief


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