What Do You Really Know About Fairtrade Fortnight?

Fairtrade Fortnight.....Get ready to rumble folks.

Commencing Monday 27 February 2023 through to and including Sunday 12 March 2023.

But what is it and how much do you really know about Fairtrade Fortnight?

Basically, in a nutshell, its about bringing as many people, companies and organisations together as possible during this 2 week period in order to bring awareness about those disadvantaged/underpaid producers that make our food, drink and clothing and those who are involved in mining for our gold.

For us here at Big Green Apple, just like many other like minded organisations, its about bringing fairness and equality for those very disadvantaged and underpaid workers whom we rely on to produce our products. Its about making good conscientious consumer choices through everyday consumerism. 

Brief History About Fairtrade Fortnight

The inaugural national launch was on 12 February 1997 at Augustine United Church in Scotland by Lady Marion Fraser who was the chairman of the charity Christian Aid. She broke a bar of Fairtrade chocolate to launch the event and the rest is history. People just loved the idea about Fairtrade back in 1997 and Fairtrade has gone from strength to strength since.  Wikipedia

What Actually Happens Physically During Fairtrade Fortnight?

Since the inception of Fairtrade Fortnight in 1997 in Scotland the event has spread to other countries like Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and, of course, throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

In the physical sense, events are held during the 2 week period such as fetes, food and drink events, fashion events and other events throughout schools and university establishments in order to promote better awareness about working conditions, prices and better wages for the producers of our products that we use through consumerism, as well as promoting improvements to sustainability. Wikipedia

Can Consumers Who Buy Fairtrade Products Actually Make A Difference?

Absolutely yes! As consumers we will always have the need to consume but by making conscious consumer choices and choosing, wherever possible, to buy Fairtrade products, we can all do our bit in supporting Fairtrade producers.

In fact, there are now around 4500 different Fairtrade products in supermarkets and stores within the United Kingdom. Simply look out for the distinctive Fairtrade sign when you are out and about shopping. Fairtrade.org.uk

Why Do Many Countries Rely On Bananas?

Simple! Believe it or not bananas are the worlds most popular fruit with so many countries economies relying on the banana trade with its global export valued at $7 billion per year.

Incredibly, for an estimated 450 million people around the world bananas and plantations are the cornerstone of many countries economies, especially low income nations.

Unfortunately, in the midst of the climate change, combined with the threats posed by plant disease, the future of bananas is at more risk according to one study. Fairtrade.org.uk

Why Big Green Apple Supports Fairtrade Fortnight?

In closing, therefore, we at Big Green Apple passionately believe in supporting Fairtrade Fortnight in order to continue shining the light on workers rights. 

We think it is only right the these workers should be entitled to better working conditions and wages, so much so that they too have enough money to live on and enough money for basic accommodation, food, education and medication both for themselves and their loved ones.

Will you be supporting Fairtrade Fortnight and if so what are you reasons for doing so?

It would be most interesting to know as to why you would be supporting Fairtrade Fortnight. 

So many people have their own individual reasons as to why this is and it would be great to know what your reasons are?






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