World Book Day

Its nearly that time of the year again folks. Millions of people will be celebrating  World Book Day around the world which falls on 7 March.

Believe it or not World Book Day is celebrated by around 100 countries and enjoyed by many around the world. Here in the United Kingdom and Ireland World Book Day is a charity which is actually funded by publishers and booksellers.

At Big Green Apple we certainly believe that World Book Day does change lives simply through the immense love and passion people have for reading books wherever they are in the world. Young children especially are enthralled and excited with what they can find and learn in books. In fact World Book Day is sometimes the start of a journey in some peoples lives that remans with them throughout life. WorldBookDay.Com 

Reading and writing is such a powerful tool in life and one of the ways we can help, especially with little children is through books and learning aids. Do spend a few moments browsing our funky stationery range at Big Green Apple

Snuggling up and spending just a few minutes with a young inquisitive child of learning age could just be the cup of tea on World Book Day that could be the start of a journey that could last a lifetime, such is the power of World Book Day.

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